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Ayurvedic Products

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  1. Grape Seed Extract

    Grape Seed Extract capsule is cardiac Wellness. it is very good quality.Benefit of Grape seed Extract capsule :Helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
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  2. Amla Capsules

    Amla capsules is Antioxidant & Rich in Vitamin C. it is very good product.These capsules are used for the treatment of digestive problems.
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  3. Bael Capsule

    Bael is a very good quality.Bael capsule for Relieves digestive discomfort.Benefit of Bael Capsule :1.Diarrhea and dysentery 2. Worm Infestation
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  4. Ashwagandha Capsules

    Ashwagandha Capsules is a Vitalizer & anti - stress . it is very good product.These are natural medicines used for treating various infections and health issues such as stomach ache, pimples,
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  5. Tulsi Capsules

    Tulsi veda is a Anti Toxin, Anti-Oxidant,Anti Flu, Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral Drops.It is a very good quality.
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  6. Nari Shakti Uterine Tonic

    Nari Shakti tonic is a complete Solution for Uterine care. Nari shakit tonic is a very good quality.
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  7. Herbovita Powder

    A complete Ayurvedic Health Drink for whole family .HERBOVITA is a very good quality.
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  8. Noni Juice

    *Combination of Garcinia with Noni makes it a height effective Nutraceutical Supplement for good health and effective weight mannagment as well as balanced metabolism of the body.* The Best tasting noni juice.*A wellness Drink.*Highest ORAC value.
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    STONE VEDA CAPSULES has shweta parpati or kshara parpati . shweta parpati increases blood flow in kidneys and urine output.
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  10. Karela Extract

    Karela capsule is Mentabolic Wellness.it is very good quality.Benefits:1. Blood purifier.2.controls Blood Sugar
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  11. Amla juice

    Amla juice is a very good product.Amla Juice indian Goodseberry.. Boosts Immunity Naturally. Rich in Vitamin C
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    *KABZ VEDA POWDER is a blend of Ayurvedic Herbs that helps in the treatment of gastric disorders.*It help in Digestion of food and hence prevents gas problems and constipation.* It also give quick relief from Heartburn and acidity.* KABZ VEDA POWDER is a natural way of getting rid of Gastrointestinal Problem.
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